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GAINSY Company Blog gives you an opportunity to observe the latest updates, news, promotions and events conducted by our Company. We value our clients, that is why we are always willing to celebrate all the holidays with You as well as the most considerable events of the Company.
Follow our blog in order not to miss your chance to increase your incomes!

Halloween Trading Bonus

Traders, the Halloween Holidays are coming! And GAINSY prepared a special Bonus offer for you!

Deposit Insurance Program

From October 1 to December 31 use the profitable possibility to insure your deposit with GAINSY and get compensation 100% from losses.

Olympics Forex Bonus

With the start of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil earlier this August, GAINSY Forex Broker has launched a new FX campaign. Following our last year prize draw held together with Skrill, we offer you to get Rio Olympics revenue in the amount of real $100 to celebrate the holiday of sports with true Olympic spirit!

Pokémon Forex Bonus

These days top news headlines are all about Pokémon Go, which is an insanely popular trend now. Pokémons are seemingly everywhere and our Bonus headline is also about it. While playing Pokémon Go, players are asked to move through different locations and catch different creatures. Let's join the global craze together and earn great profit on the Forex market with our new exclusive Pokémon Forex Bonus!

«Brexit» Notification - Britain's EU Referendum

Last weeks in London are especially active and lively. Whole country is intently watching the situation around the upcoming referendum, which will take place on June 23. Across all London there are hanging campaign posters, that call to leave the European Union and restore its sovereignty, or stay in the EU and avoid economic shocks in future. Whether the Great Britain will exit the EU or everything will remain unchanged? The final decision we will know in a few days.

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