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Guaranteed Increased Forex Profit and Refunded Losses on Thanksgiving Day!

Guaranteed Increased Forex Profit and Refunded Losses on Thanksgiving Day!

As Thanksgiving Day is coming, GAINSY Forex Broker wishes to express deep gratitude to all of our Customers for your support and interest in our services and products! And as Black Friday is following Thanksgiving and it's a day of discounts, sales, promotions, bonuses and deals, why not add Forex trading to these events and offer a special Forex Thanksgiving bonus and Forex Black Friday Deal?! We are happy to tell that due to your good feedback and numerous requests our Forex promotion called “Increased Forex Profits & Refunded Forex Losses” started earlier this year shall be extended this time on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday in November, 2015!

GAINSY Thanksgiving Withdrawable Bonus

No matter whether you win or you lose, you are getting a random Forex Bonus from 30% to 300%! Thanksgiving is a day of forgiveness, that is why GAINSY Forex Broker forgives your FX negative balance and multiplies your earned money one more time!

Forex trading and Thanksgiving Day with GAINSYyou get your FX profit increased and your FX losses covered!

This promotion starts on the 23rd of November and expires on the 6th of December, 2015. The point of this Forex Deal is to cover all of our Customers' losses and increase their profits.

During this period you have to deposit your Forex trading account with GAINSY in the amount of no less then $1,000 and perform trading manipulations with us.

Last time many of you didn't miss their chance and applied for this kind of bonus and got real money! We are glad to share the results of top 5 winners based on their deposit amounts and bonus amounts generated!

 Username   Deposit amount   Trading results   Bonus, %   Bonus, $   In total 
NNox $18,470 earned $5,541 167%  $9,253.47   $33,264.47 
xf006 $25,000 lost $5,000 200%  $10,000   $30,000 
win_FX $15,500 earned $3,800 200%  $7,600   $26,900 
gurutrader $12,300 earned $2,465 183%  $4,510.95   $19,275.95 
fMike $7,050 lost $7,050 176%  $12,408   $12,408 

Why not try once again, as now the Bonus amount is even increased? For instance, you deposit $1,000 and either win another $400 or lose $400. Then you apply for Bonus funds and get 130% random Bonus, which means that in first case you get another $520 in addition to $400 you earned by yourself and in second case you get additional $120 instead of -$400 you lost!

Terms and conditions:

    1. Only verified STP accounts deposited in the amount of no less than $1,000 within the stated period between the 23rd of November till the 6th of December, 2015 can take part in this FX promo;
    2. The exact amount of bonus funds is automatically and randomly generated by the system. It would be calculated in accordance with the Customer's profit or loss amount;
    3. Customers have to close all trades prior to bonus application submission. Failure to fulfill this condition shall lead to failure of bonus crediting;
    4. Every new deposit in the amount of no less then $1,000 shall be credited with bonus funds on a one time basis only. At the same time money withdrawn from the system during the period while this promotion is live and transferred as a new deposit amount shall not take part in this program;
    5. Every Customer who wishes to apply for additional money under this time promotion has to close all orders, then use a ticket option and submit a request in his/her personal profile, also indicate the exact STP account number which shall be credited with additional funds. All such applications shall be processed within 24 business hours;
    6. If a Customer applies after the 6th of December or later than 24 business hours prior to the 6th of December, 2015, then his/her account shall not be credited with additional money;
    7. Only after bonus money is credited to the Customer's trading account, he/she is allowed to transfer this money to his/her personal account and withdraw it;
    8. Thanksgiving promo is not compatible with any other bonus program provided by the Company;
    9. The Company bears no responsibility if a Customer has no access or limited access to his/her personal computer or under any other reason fails to submit an application for bonus funds;
    10. A Customer may be refused in promotional funds crediting with no explanations on the behalf of the Company;
    11. If a Customer performs unclear or misleading trading manipulations, the Company shall cancel additional money from his/her account at any time;
    12. The Company may change conditions of this Forex offer at its sole discretion or stop it at any time without notifying a Customer. New conditions take effect after they are posted on the Company's official website.


Celebrate Thanksgiving Day with GAINSY and get our Special Forex Black Friday Deal:
Cover Losses and Increase Profits on the Forex Market!

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