AML Policy

This Anti-Money Laundering policy (AML policy) shall be applied to all staff members, products and services offered by GAINSY company. The company has successfully implemented risk based procedures in order to detect, monitor, prevent and cause the reporting of transactions. Under all applicable domestic and foreign laws GAINSY complies with all anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws and regulations to the fullest extent.

AML policy means preventing criminals to use services of the company with the aim of money laundering, terrorist financing or other criminal activities.

The company reserves the right to suspend any customer's operation, that can be referred to as illegal or, may be related to money laundering in the opinion of the company staff.

Compliance achievement

GAINSY shall make sure that it is collaborating with real existing individuals and/or legal entities. The company takes all the required necessary measures according to the applicable law and regulations. Compliance with the anti-money laundering laws is achieved through the following methods: due diligence and know your customer (KYC) policy, customer activity monitoring and record keeping.

Every customer of the company has to go through a verification procedure. This procedure is conducted with an aim to determine the identity of the customer and to help GAINSY know/understand the clients and their financial dealings to be able to provide the best services of online trading. During the registration process each individual customer shall provide his/her full name, surname, date of birth, valid address, phone number and city code. The customer shall provide verification documents with accordance to the requirements of KYC to confirm the indicated information:

  • a high resolution copy of his/her valid local or international passport, the photo and the signature should be clearly seen, or a copy of driver's license;
  • a high-resolution copy of a utility bill or bank statement, indicating the full customer's name and the actual place of residence.

At the same time during the registration process each legal entity shall provide:

  • a high-resolution copy of the certificate of incorporation;
  • an extract from the Commercial Register evidencing the registration of corporate acts and amendments;
  • names and addresses of all directors and beneficial owners of the corporate entity;
  • a high-resolution copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association or equivalent documents duly recorded with the competent registry;
  • evidence of the company’s registered address;
  • the list of shareholders and directors;
  • description and nature of business.

Moreover except for collecting customers' data, GAINSY continues to monitor the activity of each customer to identify and prevent any possible suspicious transactions. A suspicious transaction is the one inconsistent with the customer's legitimate business or the unusual one in terms of transaction history of the customer. GAINSY has successfully implemented the system of transactions' monitoring in order to prevent criminals from using the services of the company. Such monitoring shall be conducted by the related business units of the company.

Payout Policy

All customers are obliged to meet the following payout requirements:

  • The name indicated during the registration by the customer must match the name of the owner of the bank account and/or credit/debit card used for money transferring.
  • Funds withdrawal must be made via the same method, which was used for money depositing.
  • In case the account has been deposited with funds through different payment options, then funds withdrawal shall be made on a pro rata basis according to each deposit amount.
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