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6 years ago

PAMM Management

239551500 : 11 week 40 %50 %500 $1 day 2014-05-05
  • Balance: 1060425.58
  • Equity: 1060425.58
  • Margin: 0.00
  • Margin Level: 0.00
  • Margin Free: 1060425.58
  • Activation: 2018-07-10 23:00:00
  • Upcoming Rollover: 2018-07-17 23:00:00
  • Rating: 9.709
  • Account Status: ACTIVE
  • Trades: 19
  • Profit Trades: 19
  • Profit trades (% of total): 100
  • Loss Trades: 0
  • Loss trades (% of total): 0
  • Gross profit: 558280.50
  • Gross Loss: 0.00
  • Drawdown: 0
  • Profit Factor: 0
  • Expected Payoff: 29383.18
PairVolumeSwapFeeOpen PriceClose PriceOpen TimeClose TimeProfit
GBPUSD130.00-1014.00-520.001.555361.553822014-12-29 17:16:402015-01-02 10:53:1920020.00
EURUSD133.000.00-532.001.241631.242362014-11-21 16:42:092014-11-21 17:56:359709.00
EURTRY130.00-2603.57-520.002.880502.879152014-10-10 17:47:532014-10-13 12:43:437721.89
GBPJPY120.00-989.16-480.00177.54100176.605002014-09-26 10:13:502014-10-02 02:02:37102975.96
AUDUSD118.00165.20-472.000.877890.876032014-09-25 19:30:102014-09-26 09:12:0221948.00
EURUSD100.00-7.00-400.001.288181.283752014-09-23 16:26:222014-09-24 02:29:3444300.00
EURUSD100.00-7.00-400.001.288141.283752014-09-23 16:26:032014-09-24 02:29:3443900.00
EURUSD0.010.00-0.041.288021.288152014-09-23 16:25:372014-09-23 16:26:380.13
EURUSD110.00-7.70-440.001.327971.324972014-08-21 18:19:152014-08-22 17:10:3433000.00
AUDUSD100.000.00-400.000.925860.927932014-08-08 10:28:102014-08-08 22:51:0620700.00
EURUSD100.00-35.00-400.001.348221.346692014-07-22 12:01:032014-07-25 10:01:2615300.00
GBPJPY100.00-29.65-400.00173.70900173.077002014-07-17 16:57:162014-07-18 15:36:2262385.86
GBPJPY200.000.00-800.00172.86100173.186002014-06-26 11:18:542014-06-26 11:57:1063861.98
GBPJPY100.000.00-400.00172.97400172.876002014-06-25 12:59:112014-06-25 19:54:189626.82
GBPJPY80.000.00-320.00171.79000171.330002014-06-12 14:37:552014-06-12 19:54:0036118.09
AUDUSD65.0091.00-260.000.925670.927922014-06-03 17:29:312014-06-04 12:37:4514625.00
GBPJPY60.00-88.26-240.00171.38700170.833002014-05-27 15:00:532014-05-28 10:49:4132638.15
EURUSD55.000.00-220.001.367051.369522014-05-15 11:57:062014-05-15 17:24:2013585.00
AUDUSD53.2574.55-213.000.936940.940272014-05-13 19:09:472014-05-14 11:21:2917732.25




Name Entry
Created On: 10/03/2014 16:51:01

Very good consistent system. Keep it up

Created On: 09/24/2014 11:34:02
Edited By beyrem On: 09/24/2014 11:34:25

The best Trader for ever

Created On: 07/10/2014 08:33:02

This is superb!

Created On: 06/14/2014 09:10:35

I like your Performance


Name Entry

why dont you open any positions?

Created On: 08/08/2017 08:01:40




Created On: 05/15/2016 19:11:56

Are you an investor? I'm looking for my investment strategy is from 3 to 4 transactions per day with a 100 - 200% per month, if anyone is interested, let me know, please, the minimum $ 2000 more you invest, the more profits together with unbeatable 40:50 strategy. Account number 263424 - sanechek1234.
Thank you



Created On: 11/11/2015 05:10:43

My name is Akhliyor Ibragimov. I would to ask you and your investors to take a look at my account as well. I have been trading for long time, during that period I have created for myself efficient strategy and psychology. I am planning to become a professional trader in the future, that is why the trust of investors is essential for me. So, I am hoping to be a partner of yours and hope to will trust and accept young and perspective trader. You can find my name in PAMM rating (just type Akhliyor).
If you have some questions please do not hesitate to contact me through Telegram, WhatsApp +37122441237, or just write me in facebook Akhliyor Ibragimov.
I wish you best of luck
Akhliyor Ibragimov



Created On: 10/17/2014 13:56:17

Looking Great


Keep it up

Created On: 09/11/2014 15:05:47

Very nicely done ur forex trade. Keep it up.

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