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Innovative GAINSY PAMM System has recently made a real breakthrough in the financial industry, it has been top-ranked by a great number of Forex traders and also marked by a number of authoritative publications, including Forbes Magazine.
Once we've launched our PAMM platform, we also started a special promo – $5,000.00 Bonus, when traders were given real money to manage and earn extra profit. This service has become extremely popular among traders due to its transparency, high revenue and singularity. Lots of managers, their partners and investors managed to make considerable profit this year, as long as the terms of this Free Money Management program are tailored so that all the traders together with the company could gain.

Free Money to Manage

Due to the numerous requests of our customers from all over the world, we would like to announce, that we relaunch our PAMM promotion for another year and what is most important – from now on we give $10,000.00 REAL money to manage!

So you think you can trade? Then you should definitely join and start making real money! This promotion is tailored for the most skillful and experienced traders with successful money management strategies. We give $10,000.00 real money to those, who are confident in their skills and will definitely make profit for themselves, their investors, partners and the company.


Advantages for Traders:

  • $10,000.00 real money is provided by GAINSY for free to experienced managers, who can prove their skills and want to get additional income.
  •      How to find PAMM Investors
  • Manager's profit directly depends on the number of investors: the more investors you attract, the higher income you get.


Stats of GAINSY Money Management Program:

To demonstrate the high profitability of this promotion, we would like to show you some stats that our customers permitted to disclose:

A customer, whose nickname is Breaker, opened a $5,000.00 Bonus PAMM account, set revenue as follows: 50% to manager, 50% to investors and 10% to partners. And as a result, investors invested $24,000.00 in total. This manager made profit in the amount of $42,000.00 within 2 weeks and the profit was allocated in the following way: investors got $17,377.00, manager made $15,639.00, partner earned $1,738.00.

Then the above-mentioned money manager opened a new PAMM account (239353) and transferred $15,639.00 from his bonus account, deposited his new one in the amount of $5,256.00 and set it this way: 60% to investors, 40% to himself, 20% to partners. During the whole time of trading operations there were invested $340,094.00.

The largest amount was invested by the customer with nickname Lukas$90,000.00, who got additional $33,527.00 in 2 months. While the partner FXBruce got $10,144.00 for attracting customers.

Managers You get all manager revenue for account managing. The amount of this revenue is set by yourself while creating account.
 Investors You can choose one or several traders from a huge list in PAMM rating, allocate your funds and make your money work for you.
 Partners  You get a chance to earn additional income by attracting funds on the accounts managed by successful traders.

How to apply?*:

    1. First of all you have to verify your personal details by sending the following documents at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :
      - a copy of your ID document (passport or any equivalent document proving your identity applicable in your country);
      - a proof of address (bank slip, utility bill, etc.).
    2. Create a new PAMM account in your profile (STP PAMM Account tab);
    3. Send your recent trading statement on exactly GAINSY Real account of the previous 1 month at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;
    4. Install our Toolbar in your browser;**
    5. Bookmark GAINSY.COM in your browser;**
    6. Start following GAINSY on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube;**
    7. Create a ticket in your profile (you have to enter the department (Financial), category ($10,000.00 to Manage), title, description and submit it. It is also necessary to provide the number of your PAMM account);
    8. Wait until your Personal account is credited with the promotional money and activate your PAMM account with the received amount by following the tab "PAMM Management". After that connect your PAMM account to the following Forex resources: Myfxbook, Forexfactory, MQL5.***

* Please pay attention to the fact, that all the requests are being processed within 1 business week. Once you get $10,000.00, you will have to activate your account first and then you will be able to start trading.
** Once completed, you should send us a screenshot at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The Customer may be required to provide additional proofs of Toolbar and Google+/LinkedIn/Twitter/YouTube profiles functioning in his browser in future.
*** Having completed, you have to send direct link of the connected PAMM account at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Terms and conditions:

    1. $10,000.00 are only credited to GAINSY PAMM accounts;
    2. By no means may one Customer apply for $10,000.00 crediting more than once;
    3. Promotion funds credited together with the profit made as a result of trading are not available for withdrawal and shall remain the sole property of the Company;
    4. Manager can withdraw only the revenue, which is set by himself while creating an account, during the upcoming rollovers. Withdrawal applications are to be processed within 24 business hours;
    5. All profit earned using $10,000.00 (if any) shall be withdrawn during the upcoming rollover and then transferred to the corporate account of the Company. All revenue by investors for account managing is available for withdrawal by a manager during the upcoming rollover;
    6. Profit of the manager can only be withdrawn via bank wire transfer;
    7. The Company bears and covers all the possible trading risks of the manager in terms of the present program: in case the manager loses $10,000.00 credited by the Company, then the Customer does not have to refund this money;
    8. The Company has a right to ask the Customer to provide some additional documents in order to prove his identity;
    9. The Company has a right to refuse in funds crediting to any Customer without any explanations;
    10. In case any unfair trading manipulations are detected by our Security Department, then the Company has a right to conduct extra rollover and deactivate the account. All the invested funds shall be returned back to the investors;
    11. Current promotion expires on the 31st of December, 2018;
    12. The Company has a right to change terms and conditions of this program unilaterally or to stop it at any time without Customer's prior notification. New conditions enter into force once they appear on the official web-site in public access;
    13. Trading on money management accounts is conducted with accordance to the PAMM Agreement and the Client Agreement.

To reward those traders who succeeded in the previous $5,000.00 promo, the most successful ones will get a chance to change those funds to $10,000.00! Those customers, who have already applied for $5,000.00 PAMM Bonus crediting before, cannot apply for real money in the amount of $10,000.00, instead they can apply to change $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 real money in case they meet the following requirements: send your trading statement (real account only) of the previous month with any brokerage at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; as well as follow all the other requirements stated in “How to apply” section above.

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RISK WARNING: Foreign exchange trading carries high degree of risk. High leverage, low margin and changes in foreign exchange market can lead to considerable losses. The customer of GAINSY Company may lose all initial funds and any additional funds deposited to enhance or control the position in the market. You can lose your entire investment or more while leading foreign exchange trading, therefore you should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. That is why, currency trading is suitable only for people who understand and allow the economical, legal and other risks associated with such dealings, and is able to withstand financial losses. Risk of loss associated with foreign exchange trading may be very considerable. The customer of GAINSY Company should carefully analyse his financial opportunities before deciding to trade foreign exchange.

Funds investing in PAMM Accounts and their further usage do not guarantee profitability. The Company provides its clients with PAMM Account service, but is not involved in the Offer and does not manage clients' funds. Through PAMM Accounts the Company regulates interactions between Manager and Investors, which includes funds acceptance and return, PAMM Accounts monitoring, distribution of Manager’s and Investors' funds.

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